History of the Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats are the native cat of Russia. They were first mentioned in Russian literature around 1000 years ago and were known in England as early as 1700.

The Siberian Cats' Russian ancestry makes them a hardy, healthy breed. For centuries they have lived in the forests of Russia and around the farms and towns both independently and in the company of people. Over time, they became more and more domesticated and became recognised as a distinct breed in Russia.

More recently, Siberians have been kept as pets and bred outside Russia, particularly in northern European countries where they happily live in their owner's homes but also love to play in the snow in winter. After Russia opened up to the West small numbers have been imported into Australia and the USA and have proven instantly popular due to their health, beauty, temperament and interesting history.

They have semi long hair and a thick coat in winter and a shorter coat in summer allowing them to be equally happy in the winter snow and hot northern summers. Generally, they require little grooming, depending on how long the particular Siberian's coat is.

The ancient Russian lines come in some beautiful colours not so well known in other breeds such as golden as well as more familiar colours. Natural selection in their harsh natural habitat makes them healthier than many modern breeds. Whilst always appealing, their longer coats, markings and colours can be stunning with the right lines.

Siberian Cats are friendly and make great companions. They are very intelligent, affectionate and have a quiet, sweet little meow. Their build is strong with a solid body and they are very agile. Boys tend to be quite a bit larger than girls.

Most Siberian Cats in Australia are from imports from Europe and at Sunrise Siberians we have also followed this path to ensure we had excellent cats with the most spectacular colours and to have genetic diversity among our breeders. We really loved the rare golden colour and have imported some beautiful cats with this colouring as our photos show. Most of our cats have come from Sweden and have a good mix of Russian lines only a few generations in the past.

Hypoallergenic Coats

The Siberian Cat breed is thought to produce some of the lowest levels of Fel-di antigen of all cats which is known to cause allergies in some people. There is strong anecdotal evidence from Siberian cat breeders and owners to support this theory, but scientific data is currently limited. The Siberian Research Inc has found a strong correlation between allergen levels in cat saliva and allergic reactions experienced by cat allergy sufferers. They have found that this trait for lower Fel-di antigen levels found in Siberian cats is genetic and is thus passed on to offspring. Some people with allergies can tolerate the Siberian breed but that does not apply to every cat allergy sufferer.